Global Studies (Fundraisers)

Hello! My name is Matthew Ozark, and I am helping "The Unforgotten" organize a fundraiser to purchase equipment to test pregnant mothers for diseases in Southeast Asia. Any donation will help! For more information, please watch our video or continue reading.

What is The Unforgotten Fund?

The Unforgotten Fund (UNFF), founded in 2007, provides life-saving humanitarian relief in UN Field Operations. Our emergency projects provide services in:

  • Water supply, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH)
  • Food security
  • Health
  • Shelter
  • For more information about The Unforgotten's other projects, visit The Unforgotten webpage for more information.

    What is this fundraiser for?

    Due to the ongoing Rohingya conflict in Southeast Asia, many displaced persons lack basic medical care. Bangladesh has a large population of Rohingya refugees in the camps at Cox's Bazaar. Many of these refugees are families and expecting mothers. The Unforgotten has already established a popular health post that provides essential medical care. Unfortunately, many dangerous diseases that concern expecting mothers remain unable to be tested for. Thus, the goal of this fundraiser is to purchase the necessary equipment and staffing to accommodate these new tests.

    The new tests that will be conducted:

  • Blood grouping test: identifies blood type for transfusions
  • Hemoglobin test: tests for anemia (red blood cell disease)
  • RBS test: monitor blood sugar levels throughout the day
  • VDRL test: syphilis screening
  • HBsAg test: hepatitis-B test
  • Urine reagent test: screening for UTIs, kidney disease, and diabetes